Multilanguage php (english/italian)

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Multilanguage php (english/italian)

Postby Max-B » 10. January 2006 11:44

I have to write a website in two languages: english and italian. To do
that I would like to use the multilanguage function of Apache.

I write a file .htaccess:

Options +MultiViews
AddLanguage en .en
AddLanguage it .it
DefaultLanguage it
LanguagePriority it en

Than I write two files: and index.php.en
If I set the language priority of my browser to the english everything
works fine, and the file index.php.en is loaded. But if I set the
language preferences to the italian I'm not able to see the correct
page: the browser try to download the file

I tryed with other languages (french and german) and it works. It
seemes that the problem is only for the italian language.

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