Add request method using SCRIPT / Bug?

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Add request method using SCRIPT / Bug?

Postby funkymusic » 06. June 2005 17:28


I would like to add the SEARCH method to the allowed request methods - with the SCRIPT directive it should be no problem: ... tml#script
"Prior to Apache 1.3.10, method can only be one of GET, POST, PUT, or DELETE. As of 1.3.10, any arbitrary method name may be used. Method names are case-sensitive, so Script PUT and Script put have two entirely different effects."

So I added the following line to my apache config to make a proof of concept:
"Script SEARCH /cgi-bin/"

But running the configuration test tool shows the following error:
"Syntax error on line 941 of C:/Programme/Apache Group/Apache2/conf/httpd.conf:
Unknown method type for Script"

How can I resolve this?

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Hansjoerg Posch
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