POST Method Not Allowed

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POST Method Not Allowed

Postby MatzeTung » 08. April 2005 22:38


my problem is the following:
I want to have a .html file which executes a cgi script as server side include:
<!--#include virtual="test.cgi" -->

The first problem is that this is not working. I have to rename the .html file to .shtml, then the script executes. I dont know why.

But the main problem is, that I now want to send POST data to the cgi script. If I do this, I get the error:
"Method Not Allowed
The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL."

This error only occurs when the cgi script is included in the .shtml file. When I remove the <!-- #include > line, there is no error. Very strange...

What do I have to set up in the server settings to allow POST data for html files?

Thanks in advance.
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