Worpress Site Domain setup

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Worpress Site Domain setup

Postby Hernolter » 11. September 2021 15:22

hey there

I have installed a Wordpress site with debian and apache, like descirbed on the some internetsite.
The site works properly.

Now i want to setup my domain/subdomain for my wordpresssite.
So i choosed my domain: subdomain.domain.tld and pointed this domain with a A-Record to the IP-Adress of my server.
So it should work, when it's "on the internet".

But: when i visit the ip-adress of my server in the browser, it appears still the APACHE-DEFAULT-PAGE. So when i want to visit my wordpress site on this IP-Adress, i need to type in: "IPADRESS/wordpress".

So my question is:
Do i need to point my domain to this adress ("ipadress/wordpress", or normally only "ipadress")?
Thus, when i try to point my A-Record to "ipadress/wordpress", this is not possible, i think i HAVE TO USE A SIMPLE and single IPv6 ADRESS for an A-Record.

So normally, i want to point my domain to the ip-adress of my server, and de default page which appears then, has to be my wordpress site.

So Question 2:
How can i change the default page, showed and loaded by apache, when somebody is useing the ip-adress of the server or the domain pointing to this?

I just want a domain simply pointing to my ip-adress, thus the wordpress site should be loaded normally and by default.

(or do i need a new Record for my domain for this?)

Thank you very much for your help


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Re: Worpress Site Domain setup

Postby Altrea » 12. September 2021 09:16

you need to change the Apache setting DocumentRoot
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