Apache and/or MySQL stops after some hours...

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Apache and/or MySQL stops after some hours...

Postby ozental_uk » 31. August 2004 21:42

normenclature wrote:For some reason, mySQL loses its connectivity and in order to reconnect I have to stop XAMPP and then restart it again. :? Is there some kind of setting I need to configure in order to have it continuously "ON"?

I'm very new to mySQL, PHP, etc. but I'm learning fast and I have everything now running great. This one thing is really bothering me though. :( Thanks for any help you can offer :)

I'm actually getting the same problem. Mine seems to be OK for several hours and then dies, but sometimes the site is up for more than 24 hours without a problem and then dies. So frustrating.

When I have tried installing Apache and MySQL as services, I don't seem to be able to re-connect to the web site after a reboot - and yeah, they are certainly running as seen in Control Panel/Admin Tools/Services, so I usually end up uninstalling them as a service.

One thing I tried to date was a batch file that is scheduled every 6 or so hours:

start /wait c:\xampp\xampp_stop.bat
start /wait c:\xampp\xampp_start.bat

It kind helps, but not always. Today, either Apache or MySQL died after just 30 minutes or so.

Is there any way to see why it dies? Logs?

Any other ideas as to what should fix the need to reboot?

Any idea why my Apache and mySQL services don't seem to always work?

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