Apache startet nicht!

Irgendwelche Probleme mit XAMPP für Windows? Dann ist hier genau der richtige Ort um nachzufragen.

Apache startet nicht!

Postby YashRam » 19. November 2014 19:20

Ich habe versucht Apache zu starten, doch dann kam auf einmal das:

7:15:43 PM [main] Initializing Control Panel
7:15:43 PM [main] Windows Version: Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 64-bit
7:15:43 PM [main] XAMPP Version: 1.8.3
7:15:43 PM [main] Control Panel Version: 3.2.1 [ Compiled: May 7th 2013 ]
7:15:43 PM [main] You are not running with administrator rights! This will work for
7:15:43 PM [main] most application stuff but whenever you do something with services
7:15:43 PM [main] there will be a security dialogue or things will break! So think
7:15:43 PM [main] about running this application with administrator rights!
7:15:43 PM [main] XAMPP Installation Directory: "c:\xampp\"
7:15:43 PM [main] Checking for prerequisites
7:15:43 PM [main] All prerequisites found
7:15:43 PM [main] Initializing Modules
7:15:43 PM [main] Enabling autostart for module "Apache"
7:15:43 PM [main] Starting Check-Timer
7:15:43 PM [main] Control Panel Ready
7:15:44 PM [Apache] Autostart active: starting...
7:15:44 PM [Apache] Attempting to start Apache app...
7:15:44 PM [Apache] Status change detected: running
7:15:45 PM [Apache] Status change detected: stopped
7:15:45 PM [Apache] Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly.
7:15:45 PM [Apache] This may be due to a blocked port, missing dependencies,
7:15:45 PM [Apache] improper privileges, a crash, or a shutdown by another method.
7:15:45 PM [Apache] Press the Logs button to view error logs and check
7:15:45 PM [Apache] the Windows Event Viewer for more clues
7:15:45 PM [Apache] If you need more help, copy and post this
7:15:45 PM [Apache] entire log window on the forums

Ich habe auch Skype aus gehabt, Ausgeloggt und Beendet funktioniert immer noch nicht.
Was habe ich falsch gemacht?
Brauche dringend hilfe.
Bitte um hilfe.
Gruss YashRam
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Re: Apache startet nicht!

Postby Nobbie » 19. November 2014 20:31

Wahrscheinlich kollidiert es mit Skype.
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Re: Apache startet nicht!

Postby YashRam » 20. November 2014 08:11

Nobbie wrote:Wahrscheinlich kollidiert es mit Skype.

Aber ich habe Skype ausgehabt, Ausgeloggt und Beendet.
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