Creating hyperlink in sql tables with Phpmyadmin

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Creating hyperlink in sql tables with Phpmyadmin

Postby Jay_R » 15. July 2011 18:34

Hi All

I really hope someone can help me out there with the below niggle.

See below table, where it says link item, i want that column to be clickable. I set up the table through xampp and all is fine except when i preview it on localhost address its not interacting as if the browser cannot detect the URL

Plus I dont know how to save changes in inspect element view.

If you could help it would be great.

In normal view there are borders around this table which i see have been omitted here, no worries though.

ID Client Name Date Summary Link item
101 State info 2011-07-06 Minister discuses challenges around ICT sector in SA and within the SADC region
102 State Info 2011-07-04 Conference of law makers to discuss the Information Protection Bill Click Here
103 Stateinfo 2009-12-09 Parliamentary review on new SABC board Click Here
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Re: Creating hyperlink in sql tables with Phpmyadmin

Postby WilliL » 15. July 2011 19:44

hop, I understand you right.. I think you'll like to use it in a php script
extend your table
ID | Client Name | Date | Summary | Link text | hyperlink

For "Click Here" is not a link, ist just the text
Code: Select all
<a target="_blank" href="">Clich Here</a>

I've seen (to late) that you found the right forum part. Please go on in the english forum.
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