How do I host my site on my LAN

Irgendwelche Probleme mit XAMPP für Windows? Dann ist hier genau der richtige Ort um nachzufragen.

How do I host my site on my LAN

Postby Jamesey162 » 04. July 2011 00:19

I'm looking to host my site locally from my desktop computer for all the other computers to access via my desktops IP but when I enter my desktops IP I get no response. I have the server on and cant see it from my Desktop by typing it, localhost or its IP address but can't be viewed from any other device on my LAN. :(

Any suggestions?
If this is not possible with XAMPP can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks! :D
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Re: How do I host my site on my LAN

Postby Nobbie » 04. July 2011 08:23

Wahrscheinlich ist irgendwo eine Firewall aktiv.
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