ftp timeout

Irgendwelche Probleme mit XAMPP für Windows? Dann ist hier genau der richtige Ort um nachzufragen.

ftp timeout

Postby michaelk46 » 02. October 2010 00:58

I have a configuration problem on my laptop and I am hoping that someone can point me in a direction that can help me solve it. I can connect to an FTP server with PHP and move files around on it without a problem. But when I try to use a script to list files in a directory on an the same server, it times out and gives me a fatal error. I have taken the script and ran it from another computer running Xampp as well and it gets the info without an issue, so it can't be a coding issue and has to be some type of configuration issue. Can anyone tell me anything that could help me solve this?
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