Xampp installed and no "normal" localhost

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Xampp installed and no "normal" localhost

Postby terrym » 01. August 2010 17:15

Hi all

I have just installed Xampp for the first time. I had previously been using Wamp, where under the C:\wamp\ folder I had a folder called www - C:\wamp\www - and this folder was actually localhost. So to run a script in a sub-folder off www, the address would be http://localhost/sub-folder/index.php for example.

But I cannot find or determine the localhost folder for Xampp. I have created the little file info.php to check for PHP, but if I put this file in C:\xampp it doesn't work. So I created a www folder off C:\xampp and put the file there, but it still didn't work.

If I just enter http://localhost, the browser actually goes to http://localhost/xampp and brings up the Xampp Welcome page.

Could someone please tell me where "localhost" will be with xampp?

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Re: Xampp installed and no "normal" localhost

Postby Altrea » 01. August 2010 17:33

1) This is the german part of the board. Before you post for the first time, take a look at the whole board, in which forum your thread should be posted!
2) You can read, i hope so. XAMPP usually comes with a readme file. If not, there is a XAMPP for Windows FAQ.

Usually questions like this where a user is just too lazy to read the docs, shouldn't be answered.
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