Windows Server 2003 -> Apache funktioniert nicht

Irgendwelche Probleme mit XAMPP für Windows? Dann ist hier genau der richtige Ort um nachzufragen.

Windows Server 2003 -> Apache funktioniert nicht

Postby pk910 » 26. December 2007 22:08

Hallo erstmal ^^

Ich dreh gleich durch...
Ich habe schon gegoogelt; keiner hat mein problem wies scheint

mein Windoof Server will apache einfach nicht starten...

Fehler: Anwendung konnte nicht richtig Initialisiert werden.

Bitte helft mir ^^

(Habe sogar windoof schon neu installiert)
Dies ist meine Webseite... Wenn ihr kostenlose Java, PHP scripts braucht kommt vorbei.
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Apache.exe.... can not initialise correctly (0cx0150002 )

Postby fedebuld » 04. January 2008 16:01

My german is very poor but I guess we have the same problem.
Xampp is installed on a computer which runs with WindowsXP Family edition SP1

I have another computer with Windows XP Pro (SP1) and Apache starts with no problem on this one.

Why? I don't know but my computer has never been connected to internet and I wanted to install Xampp in order to developp and test a PHPwebsite. To my knowledge I have no other software Xampp could interfere with.

Could there be a little something missing for Xampp in the family edition of WindowsXP SP1?

I hope this can help you.
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Problem fixed

Postby fedebuld » 04. January 2008 16:30

If you end up on this page, I am glad to inform you that your problem is probably fixed.

download and install a little VisualC++ lib and everything should work fine.

The solution was posted here :

Here is direct download link for vcredist_x86.exe to save a bit of time : ... st_x86.exe

Thank you all.
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