Mercury - DNS Problem

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Mercury - DNS Problem

Postby itxitx » 06. December 2006 23:21

I get the following entry in the log of SMTP Client (End to End version)

Why does Mercury use the cn entry instead of the mx entry. They are not the same on my systems. I know that all my DNS are correct, as everything works, even Email. I just toke one domain that I don't really use for testing mercury.

Resolved CN for '' to
Connecting to
[1493 bytes] Message accepted for delivery by
23:16:11: 2 seconds elapsed, closing connection.

The CN Record is resolved correctly, but not the same as MX (Check with DNS DIG). In this case the smtp connection tries to connect back to the mecury instead to my other Email Server somewhere else in internet.
The CN really does point to the same server as Mercury is running.

Any idea wyh not the mx record is resolved as I see in other logs on the net?
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