Slow.... terribly slow!

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Slow.... terribly slow!

Postby rtm99oc » 21. April 2006 04:29

Hi, I was able to successfully install Gentoox on my Xbox, installation went ok and when I was asked to choose between XFCE and KDE I chosed to use XFCE as I heard on these Forums that KDE is unusable with a 64megs Xbox (and I can't mod my console with 128mb, not anytime soon).

Ok, let me get this straight, I installed Gentoox with one purpose only in my mind: let my sister and family surf the Net, check e-mail, go to IRC, ecc. while my main PC is busy because I'm working with it. I understand that the reason of poor performance is RAM but I'd like to know if there is anything that I can do to get better speed. As I said, all I need to do is set up an "Internet machine", a client to surf the Net with Mozilla, check e-mails and possibly also use some instant messaging software. As it is, the system is useless, I had to wait 3 minutes just to launch Mozilla!![img]images/smiles/icon_sad.gif[/img]

During the first boot when I was asked if I wanted to activate some services (Samba, ecc), I said "YES" and I'm pretty sure that's eating some resources so I'd like to remove them. I'm not a Linux expert, this is my first Linux installation ever, could anyone please tell me how to stop all the not needed services (not needed for what I need to do of course!) and don't let them load again on start?

Thank you in advance to anyone who can give me any tips on how optimize performances! But please, if you can help, do it step by step as I'm really new to this and I need a very basic explanation to sort this.

P.S. By the way I just had to shutdown my xbox manually as I couldn't even move mouse anymore! I waited something like 30 minutes before doing so but everything was jerky and slooooooow so I rebooted the xbox manually and run Gentoox again[img]images/smiles/icon_sad.gif[/img]I think I have too many resources running on my system...
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