xampp + my own domain

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xampp + my own domain

Postby latheesan » 16. June 2005 19:16


i have a top level domain (mp3host.info). i just wanna know how do i get my web server to output everything to my domain.

i mean, how do i do this:

when someone type www.mp3host.info in the address bar and press enter, how do i show the web pages from my home server to them

because at the moment, the domain name the server is working on is that is http://localhost/

please help
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Postby Wiedmann » 16. June 2005 19:32

"http://mp3host.info/" and "http://www.mp3host.info/" works both. So whats the problem?
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Postby latheesan » 17. June 2005 11:39


i mean how do i make the server into mp3host.info

at the moment, when someone types my ip, then and then only they can see whats on my home server

how do i make it work with my domain name?
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Postby Ceelight » 17. June 2005 13:25

Check this. Could help you.
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