Hide text Externally from the URL

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Hide text Externally from the URL

Postby jponnusamy » 22. June 2016 08:13

Dear All,
I am new to Apache, We are using CMS system. By default we are getting CMS URL pattern is like http://<domain>/sites/<sitename>/<local-value>/<contents or campaign name>
Here sites is context name of the WebApplication
sitename is name of the Site which we given while create site in CMS.
locale-value by default it will come en_US for English, ar_SA for Arabic
Ours is Multilingual site and using English & Arabic Contents. So, We want to change the name ar_SA to ar only, and dont want to display en_US from the URL.

So, I tried below Rewrite Rule, I think this rule applied for both internal & externally. So, It's changing the URL in Client-Browser, but getting 404 error page.

RewriteEngine on
RedirectMatch "^/sites/ar_SA/(.*)" "/sites/ar/$1"
RewriteRule ^/sites/ar_SA/(.*) /sites/ar/$1 [L]

RewriteRule "^/sites/en_US$" "/sites/$1" [R]
RewriteRule "^/sites/(.*)$" "/qu/" [R]

Please help me to resolve this issue.
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