How to enable DELETE and PUT methods

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How to enable DELETE and PUT methods

Postby jguillor » 25. July 2014 20:51


I've installed xampp 1.8.3-4 on Linux. I'm trying to send the web server the DELETE and PUT methods but the server is responding with Status Code = 405, and saying this "Method is not allowed!"

How do I enable these methods, or what do I need to do to support these methods?

Thanks in advance for you help.

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Re: How to enable DELETE and PUT methods

Postby Nobbie » 25. July 2014 21:44

jguillor wrote:How do I enable these methods, or what do I need to do to support these methods?

These methods never has been adapted to Webservers and even not to Clients (Browsers). So if you really want to enable them in a "standard environment", you have to expand as well Apache as the browsers, and finally you have to deliver the extended browser to your customers/clients/friendes - whatever.

So this is helpless anyway.

As these methods never have been adapted to servers and clients, the so called "WebDav" Project has been launched, to overcome this lack of HTTP ressources. There is a webdav plugin for Apache, which apparently does what it should do - but still, you have to adapt the browsers. As this never has been established, you will find some specialized WebDev Clients in order to communicate via WebDav (what has become a protocoll instead of HTTP) with a proper webdav server.

All in all - i dont like this interface and i dont like this kind of solution (and maybe, you agree, that this is not exactly, what you where looking for). Finally, these operations PUT and DELETE are of course basic methods of any FTP Server - which leads me to my personal conviction, that you should not go for HTTP "PUT/Delete" and even not for a WebDav Server, simply implement a FTP Server and use these facilities for uploads and downloads. I dont like the WebDav solution instead - its on you, to decide where you wanna go for yourself.
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Re: How to enable DELETE and PUT methods

Postby Altrea » 25. July 2014 22:20

Depending on the goal maybe a restful api framework (for PHP or another langsame) is what you are looking for.
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