something wrong with php

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something wrong with php

Postby iim » 01. December 2010 22:34

hi. i just started using xammp and have one problem. i had no errors on installation. php looks like working :). i put my php file in /htdocs directory but when i try to open it on my browser i cant see anything that was written between <?php ?>. sorry for my english ;) and probably stupid question. thank you for answers in advance ;)
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Re: something wrong with php

Postby Altrea » 02. December 2010 04:54

- Are you sure, you use <?php instead of <? at the beginning (short_open_tags issue)?
- Are you sure your file has the fileextension .php (MIME type issue / passed by php parser)
- Are you sure you request the file through the http protocol instead of the "Open by" or doubleclick fileoption (understanding php is a serverside programming language issue)

Please open your sourcecode view in your browser when you just get a white sceen from a php file. What do you see there?
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