Links to files outside htdocs folder with XAMPP-VM

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Links to files outside htdocs folder with XAMPP-VM

Postby leosur » 14. April 2021 15:36

I have seen many questions on this subject and have searched for hours without finding a clear answer :( . I'm not a VM and linux specialist, probably someone here is.

How to allow the use of files (on a mac) outside the XAMPP-VM htdocs folder?
It seems to me that mounting a directory shared by the mac on the VM should answer the question. But I failed to do so.
let's say: on the mac with the user Leo and the '/Users/leo/Documents/Dev' folder
Objective: the site in 'Dev' runs under XAMPP-VM

Could someone post the steps to get to this?
This will avoid copying and pasting between the working directory on mac and the test directory on XAMPP-VM.

Thanks a lot for your answers :D
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