Mac download is not a .dmg file

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Mac download is not a .dmg file

Postby difranco » 20. January 2021 22:46

If I go to

And choose one of the Mac downloads, such as 7.4.14 / PHP 7.4.14

This links to the download at

Which downloads a file xampp-osx-8.0.1-0-vm.bz2

When I unzip this file, it results in a file xampp-osx-7.4.14-0-installer. Note that this file does not have a .dmg extension, and Mac will not open it.

I teach a course that uses XAMPP and so I go through the install process twice a year and have never had this problem. Typically the download gives me a proper .dmg file.

Note that if I download the installer from SourceForge (, it does have the proper .dmg extension and I am able to run the installer.
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Re: Mac download is not a .dmg file

Postby whiterider7 » 24. January 2021 07:21

Rename the .bz2 to dmg file and it works.
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Re: Mac download is not a .dmg file

Postby dormasta » 25. January 2021 14:41

The download worked for me using safari instead of Chrome to directly get some dmg files.
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