Problem with folder permissions and phpmyadmin [Solved]

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Problem with folder permissions and phpmyadmin [Solved]

Postby SimplySimon » 28. November 2020 17:16

So, I'm a total newbie.

I have been writing websites for donkeys years, but thought that I'd have a play installing php, phpmyadmin and a server on my MacBook Pro... I followed various guides and then, quite by chance I came across Xampp. What a dream to install.

The only problem I had was mysqladmin. It kept throwing me out when calling it from a web page, saying that I was not allowed. It' was obviously a simple error with the permissions for the phpmyadmin folder. Clicking on the folder and getting info then unlocking the file permissions and trying to change the permissions everyone > Read/Write or anything threw an error.

I found a fix! followed it then found this forum!

The Fix:

I can now run everything as it should.

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