When I run apache in xampp...

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When I run apache in xampp...

Postby kenoli » 27. November 2020 02:25

When I run apache in xampp and go to localhost in a broswer or from my code writing software, I get a file not found error for every file I try to run.

The files are there.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

I've used xampp for many years with no trouble and have it set up as I always set it up.

I have a symlink pointed at my directory from htdocs and the browser finds the file but instead of running it, I get a 404 file not found error.

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Re: When I run apache in xampp...

Postby Altrea » 27. November 2020 07:50

404 file not found means that the webserver cannot deliver the requested file because it cannot find it.
It can be the ressource you manually typed into your browser, or a misleading redirect, or something similar.

The first thing to check would be your Apache access.log to identify the request leading to this 404 response.
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Re: When I run apache in xampp...

Postby kenoli » 27. November 2020 19:17

Altrea -- Thanks for the reply. I discovered that in Big Sur, as opposed to Catalina, in order to run files in a subdirectory of the localhost root directory, I have to include the name of the localhost root directory. i.e.:


Where "Sites" is the local name of the localhost RootDirectory.

In Catalina and before, the name of the root directory was not require. i.e.:


with localhost pointing to the root directory.

I had to add "Sites" to the directory path in all my editor setup files for each site to get it to work.

I don't know if this is an xampp thing or a Big Sur thing. I would suspect it is actually xampp that made this change, though I didn't read about it on the website anywhere. Of course, Apple makes you work to discover how they change things, especially related to web servers. I still haven't gotten Apples installed version of php to work.

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