Permission on htdocs folders

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Permission on htdocs folders

Postby crisleitaoguerra » 23. August 2019 15:27

I'm trying to setup the permission of the folders in htdocs, but when I open the padlock and give the READ & WRITE permission and Apply to enclosed items, It's not working.
There are 2 "Fetching" and 1 "everyone" in the column. I never saw this Fetching thing. I tried to add new user or new group, but It's not working either.
Can anyone help me, please?

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Re: Permission on htdocs folders

Postby maia » 23. August 2019 20:42

I'm having the same problem with htdocs, but this wrong started after I did some wrong pastes copies, so i would like to unistall Xampp, but even this I'm not getting sucess
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