Beginner to Local Host Thing: Can't Download XAMPP-VM

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Beginner to Local Host Thing: Can't Download XAMPP-VM

Postby X_ALT » 23. August 2019 12:14

Hi, I am new to this whole local host thing and XAMPP was the first open source provider I tried. Since I have Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6, I assumed XAMPP OS X 7.1.31-2 was the best one. Once I installed it, turned on the servers, and went to my Local Host, it brought me to another instruction page where it suggested I read the FAQ. After reading the first 3, the FAQ for virtual host seemed like the configuration I needed to do.

But I started to doubt myself because I remember seeing on the Apache Friends page that I will need XAMPP-VM to download the other applications like WordPress. So I started to think downloaded the wrong thing.

However, when I tried to lookup how to download XAMPP-VM, the instructions only tell you to drag an icon into applications. Are they talking about the icons from the XAMPP OS X 7.1.31-2 download or something else? If so, I can't seem to find the download page anywhere for XAMPP-VM.

Also, my goal right now is to make a WordPress theme from scratch. Could I do that by just configuring XAMPP OS X 7.1.31-2 Virtual Hosts and upload it to my actual Hosting WordPress account online later? Or do I have to create my theme through this XAMPP WordPress application?

I know this seems like a dumb question but I appreciate you guys being patient with me.
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