Unable to edit config.inc.php

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Unable to edit config.inc.php

Postby shardae8806 » 01. July 2019 15:53

I am new to XAMPP, I'm trying to edit config.inc.php but I continually get an error stating I cannot do so because I do not have adequate permissions. The file is owned by daemon, they are the only one that can read & write to the file. Image

I've tried editing the file using the nano command in terminal
Prior to noticing the group daemon being separate from user daemon, I added myself to the daemon group
I've tried changing the owner of the file using chown command in terminal
Of course tried to change privileges by right clicking the file but I don't have permission.
I am the computer admin & sole user of this machine.

Any help on what I need to do to edit this file would be great.

I'm using XAMPP 7.3.6
MacOSx: Mojava 10.14.5

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Re: Unable to edit config.inc.php

Postby cristalvi » 15. October 2019 02:07

I am having the same problem. Please help!!!!
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