Recover VM data

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Recover VM data

Postby hiburn8 » 28. June 2019 15:59

I migrated everything from a legacy (native) OSX install to the new VM model.. and i then was a complete tit and ran a terminal command in the VM which essentially did `(chmod -R 777 /)` so now the VM wont boot as there are SSH issues. I NEED the data from this VM or else i'm going to get hanged lol. Is there a way to mount the underlying file-system under OSX to retrieve the data? I've had a pretty solid look into the qcow2 format and trying to mount it under OSX, but its just giving me more headaches as all the tools claiming to be able to mount it appear broken. Sidenote: it seems completely mental we would use a VM filesystem that the host cant easily understand.
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Re: Recover VM data

Postby xemka » 05. September 2019 08:43

I have the same problem...
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