Auto-Update Wordpress Site (localhost)

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Auto-Update Wordpress Site (localhost)

Postby BottleTopTed » 03. March 2019 23:10

I am using a XAMPP 7.2.3 to host a local Wordpress site at the location localhost/family/

The site sites as a mirror on a USB drive connected to my router.

All devices are for a local network only and do not connect to the internet in any way.

The site has a calendar and spaces for photos and family posts.

Is there anyway that I can add a button on the 'HOME' page within that site, that when clicked will take any updates from the USB that have been added by one of the family members, update the files on the USB and then deliver to anyone else who connects to the USB device.

I perhaps haven't explained that too well, but essentially the USB device located at is the master device which takes and feeds updates to the 5 family member devices. Each device is an Apple Mac and the devices are often used away from the coverage of the USB.

Thanks (sorry if it's badly explained)
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