how to setup xampp

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how to setup xampp

Postby gstlouis » 22. January 2019 22:08

I was using xampp 5.6.28 and I recall having some small issues getting this setup. Now I have to setup a newer XAMPP for 7.3.1-0 and it is completely different. On the site there is no documentation how to setup vhosts, where the log files are really stored aa I had to search the internet and after two days I'm getting frustrated. Why would they not provide documentation? Am I just not seeing this? users on Stackoverflow are feeling this as well, or the information is just completely outdated because XAMPP is now its own host.

Does anyone have any descent documentation? I tried to setup a laravel and all I see if error 500 with no log file to use.
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Re: how to setup xampp

Postby Altrea » 22. January 2019 22:39

Xampp for Mac is available in two completely different environments.
One is the normal bundle as the xampp versions before and one is the XAMPP VM style.
Obviously you choose not the one you are familiar with it.
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