Wordpress on localhost says "UPDATING FAILED" on page update

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Wordpress on localhost says "UPDATING FAILED" on page update

Postby lorne17 » 19. January 2019 15:49

Hello there,

I have setup XAMPP on my Mac and successfully transferred my live site over. All seemed to be working by deactivating/deleting/installing plugins. However when I try to update a page/post it gives me the error "UPDATING FAILED". Can anyone help me troubleshoot why?

I originally had issues writing plugins to the folder on my computer because the folder privileges were not set to 777. However now I got that to work by having the WP-Content folder 777. Is this by chance similar to what's happening with updating pages? Is it a different folder?

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Re: Wordpress on localhost says "UPDATING FAILED" on page up

Postby Nobbie » 20. January 2019 12:34

Sorry, this is not a WordPress forum, i dont know WordPress at all.
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