$cfg['TempDir'] (./tmp/ 1) is not avaliable

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$cfg['TempDir'] (./tmp/ 1) is not avaliable

Postby mmorzilla » 17. January 2019 21:10

I got this message when installing Xampp. I´m new and do not have any code experience, so plz dummy answers.. Thanks :D

"$cfg['TempDir'] (./tmp/ 1) is not avaliable. phpadmin cant cache templates and will be slow because of it."

I cant use Xampp, so Im pretty stock.
So I will be very thankful if you can help me.

Thanks and kind regards. / Michael
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Re: $cfg['TempDir'] (./tmp/ 1) is not avaliable

Postby fiuzarb » 27. February 2019 20:33

I have same issue here

Any solution pls?

Tks much.
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Re: $cfg['TempDir'] (./tmp/ 1) is not avaliable

Postby Nobbie » 28. February 2019 00:03

Simply create tmp in phpmyadmin folder.
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Re: $cfg['TempDir'] (./tmp/ 1) is not avaliable

Postby sojuzpl » 07. April 2019 09:53

and check folder privileges to read/write within
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