Not getting the htdocs folder

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Not getting the htdocs folder

Postby naren » 06. January 2019 13:41


I have MAC AIR, I am installing the xampp. After some research I installed it and Now I have xampp icon on my application. i clicked on it and "Start" it. It's started the xampp.

Now I click on "go to application" then it's redirecting to and I am getting "Welcome to XAMPP for 7.2.11-0 ". That means xampp is installed.

Now I am not getting the htdocs folder in the application. I have only xampp icon and when I click on it then it opens the popup and asking for start

a few months ago I asked a question on stack overflow.
Now xampp is intalled but not getting the htdocs folder.

Would you help me out in this?
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Re: Not getting the htdocs folder

Postby Altrea » 06. January 2019 16:47


You installed the VM version instead of the regular one.
The VM version needs to get mounted to access the htdocs.
There is a FAQ for the XAMPP VM version answering this and many other questions.
But I would recommend to install the regular version instead.

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