XAMPP-VM htdocs permissions.

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XAMPP-VM htdocs permissions.

Postby McDevFace » 22. December 2018 03:57

Hello everyone,

I run XAMPP-VM 7.1.25 under OSX-High Sierra. VM hosts symfony project on the remote drive. My question is - How do I setup access permissions to edit/save files from the OSX? When opening my project with any given IDE/Editor (PhpStorm in my case) permissions are set to read only for all external users, so I can't edit or save files on the remote drive. I can use ftp to access these files, but this limits editing capabilities of the IDE, so access from the OSX is a must.

Thank you.
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Re: XAMPP-VM htdocs permissions.

Postby Altrea » 22. December 2018 04:29

Did you follow the FAQ? https://www.apachefriends.org/faq_stackman.html
Especially the section "How do I copy files to the Apache server document root?"
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