Can't change my directory in my httpd.conf

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Can't change my directory in my httpd.conf

Postby MarshMallow » 14. October 2018 17:51

I'm a new dev (junior++) and French, I apologize in advance about my English and my capacity to understand what you'll explain me :D
I tried to change my directory in the file httpd.conf with Atom, VSC or TextEdit but it always asked me to enter a password valid. I activated my root and add him the same password, or click right on the file to change the read and write on this one but it still not working...

DO you know what I have to do to fix it?
Thanks in advance for your help.

PS: I'm also a beginner with the shell if I have to do something with it.
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Re: Can't change my directory in my httpd.conf

Postby NafeesKhabir » 12. August 2019 19:09

Not working means you are redirecting to root directory or which error you are getting ?
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