How to Increase max_input_var

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How to Increase max_input_var

Postby spidercat » 23. August 2018 17:24


How do I increase the max_input_var
I already struggled to find the php.ini file and when I added the code
; max_input_var = 3000 nothing changed.
The theme I'm using requires 3000 but I'm really stuck.

Can anyone help me?

I'm on mac os x

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Re: How to Increase max_input_var

Postby Nobbie » 24. August 2018 11:40

You have to find the correct php.ini (a phpinfo() should show the PATH of php.ini). If you installed XAMPP-VM for any reason (that runs in a VirtualMachine) you should read the whole FAQ about XAMPP-VM.
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