Login to MySQL as a user

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Login to MySQL as a user

Postby lutek14 » 15. August 2018 16:46

I've got XAMPP 7.2.8 in VM version on my Mac HighSierra. I wonder how to login via terminal but as a user?
What I have done:

1. Opened terminal with usage of XAMPP button that commanded this:

ssh -i '/Users/farmaceut/.bitnami/stackman/machines/xampp/ssh/id_rsa' -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no 'root@'

2. Provided such a commands for DB:

CREATE DATABASE publications;
USE publications;
GRANT ALL ON publications.* TO 'jim'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'mypasswd';

3. And now I want to log in as a 'jim' instead of 'root'. 2hours searching and don't know how to perform this...
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Re: Login to MySQL as a user

Postby dopazoma » 17. October 2018 16:31

I have the same question. I want to run mysql via terminal, I can access the bin directory but cannot run mysql.
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