Joomla website backups not working on localhost

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Joomla website backups not working on localhost

Postby Kamal_9 » 13. June 2018 16:47

I’m trying to get some Joomla sites running on my localhost (osx Yosemite 10.10.5) and have not been able to achieve this so far. I have installed version of XAMPP relative to Joomla version installed on website (XAMPP 5.3.36 for Joomla 3.5 with PHP 5.6.36). I have only worked on live Joomla sites, so this is the first time developing on localhost. I would really appreciate some experienced advice.
These have been the 2 processes I have tried so far:

Process 1 using Akeeba Backup

1. Login to Joomla Admin and backup site using latest Akeeba backup
2. Download Backup via cPanel
3. Download Akeeba Kickstart
4. Download and install XAMPP-osx 5.6.36
5. Launch XAMPP app and start all servers
6. Copy website backup (jpa file) and kickstart.php to empty folder XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/website
7. Edit Sharing & Permissions to Read & Write for all enclosed items in folder
8. In browser (Chrome) go to http://localhost/website/kickstart.php
9. Using default settings start extraction
10. Enter Database server host name: localhost, user name: root and db name) – database is restored successfully
11. Site set up default remains the same – when prompted click Clean Up
12. Click “Visit your site’s frontend” and I get 404 error message
13. When I click on “Visit your site’s backend” I get a blank white screen

Process 2 without Akeeba

1. Go to website cPanel and download all files in public_html and corresponding sql database
2. Copy public_html folder to XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/ and rename folder (eg website_2)
3. Edit Sharing & Permissions to Read & Write for all enclosed items in folder
4. Launch XAMPP app and start all servers
5. Go to localhost/phpmyadmin and create a new database matching sql file downloaded and import file
6. In website root folder (website_2) edit configuration.php as follows:

- public $user = 'root'
- public $password = '';
- public $db = 'database_name’;
- public $log_path = '/Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/website_2/log';
- public $tmp_path = '/Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/website_2/tmp';
- public $cookie_domain = '';
- public $cookie_path = '';

7. In browser (Chrome) go to http://localhost/website_2 and I get the same 404 error message
8. When I go to http://localhost/website_2/administrator I get a blank white screen

I have tried both processes with a couple of Joomla sites – both failing to load up once installed on localhost using XAMPP – I have also tried using AMPP and I got less further as it wouldn’t recognise sql databases (tried various fixes that got me nowhere)
Any help in getting this resolved would be massively appreciated… THANK YOU!
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Re: Joomla website backups not working on localhost

Postby Nobbie » 16. June 2018 10:39

Kamal_9 wrote:. Click “Visit your site’s frontend” and I get 404 error message

Show us the fully qualified error message, also open the error_log and look for the error message for that event (there *should* be a more sophisticated message in your logfiles). An error 404 either means, that there is missing a file or a path on your server, or Apache does not have sufficient permissions to read that file or path. The error_log should point out exactly, which file or path is mentioned.

Keep in mind that Apache is running with a different UserId than you are running and it might need different rights for delivering requested files (i.e. the htdocs folder and website_2 folder must have appropriate permissions, same for the files in that folders).

P.S.: I cannot see that you properly adapted Joomla to run under "localhost". As you downloaded a running Joomla from an internet server, that Joomla is configured to run on lets say But instead you want to run the same installation on "localhost". To do so, you MUST tell Joomla somehow to use "localhost" instead of "", as Joomla creates tons of links and redirects to that servername. I cannot see where you applied the appropriate changes to your Joomla. It is NOT sufficient simply to enter http://localhost/website_2 into the browser, this typically results in white screens and/or error 404. Dont ask me, how to configure Joomla, this is NOT a Joomla support forum. I am pretty sure that there is a FAQ in Joomla how to move it from one server to another, you should follow that FAQ and/or go for Joomla support forums, as your issue is definately not a Xampp issue (even if Joomla support will tell you). If you configure Joomla correctly (what is independent from Xampp or WAMP or whatever), it would run properly.

P.P.S. Instead of applying "localhost" to Joomla, you also might try to run your local Joomla exactly with the same servername as your onlline version. Edit your hosts file (see end add the following line:

Code: Select all

but of course replace "" by the real servername of your online Joomla installation. Safe the hosts file, then enter into to your browser and find out, if it runs your local Joomla. If you do so, you cannot access your online Joomla from that PC, as now points to your local Xampp. Of course you may edit the hosts file and remove the line, then points to your online server again.
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