Cant find a command line editor

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Cant find a command line editor

Postby tescophil » 15. February 2018 12:05


Sorry for a dumb question, but after I installed and started XAMPP on my MacBook I tried to open phpMyAdmin and got the 'New XAMPP security concept:' message. No problem as there is a howTo link on 'Enable Remote Access to phpMyAdmin' provided in the guides. So, I open a terminal and try to 'Edit the /opt/lampp/etc/extra/httpd-xampp.conf file.', simple enough but I cannot find a command line editor....! vi or vim are not installed, neither is nano..., and when I try to 'sudo apt-get install nano', I get an 'Unable to locale package nano' message, and this is where my knowledge runs out...

So, my question..., how do you edit a text file from the command line ?

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