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Forward to ip

Postby jeshiihu » 19. October 2017 07:44

My issue is on this topic as well however I do want my server to be publicly accessible by anyone who has the my ip address. I am looking into port forwarding and my router is with Telus (landlord is the owner of the account) so I'm not sure if I can do this approach. Can any one assist in me in making my server available to someone else (not with the same network).

I can test my ip and port with nc -v ipaddr port and get a return but my friend cannot access the server :cry: Thanks in advance!
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Re: Forward to ip

Postby Altrea » 19. October 2017 08:28


i am not willing to help you out, because that is not the environment XAMPP is made for.

Scope of support

Evaluate if your topic is in scope of support of our board. We don't want to provide...

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  • for live, production or public accessible environments.
    XAMPP is not configurated for such environments (default passwords, many activated and probably unnecessary modules, not tweaked for performance, scalability, stability or security). This board does have several entrys about hacked XAMPP installations because of using unprotected XAMPP installations in not supported environments. XAMPP don't want to fit every possible use case and there are other (also free) alternatives for such environments.
  • ...

=> Source: [INFO] How to not fail getting help here

Maybe you did not know that so i wanted to tell you this fact.

best wishes,
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