Error when trying to start [XAMPP-VM-osx-7.1.8-0-preview-2]

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Error when trying to start [XAMPP-VM-osx-7.1.8-0-preview-2]

Postby Jackisvlack » 14. September 2017 01:40

I'm trying to start XAMPP so I can use the MySQL and Apache services. However I can't even start the program without getting this erorr
INFO: Starting "XAMPP" stack
ERROR: Error starting "XAMPP" stack: cannot calculate MAC address: exit status 1
I only installed the program today and the XAMPP version I am using is XAMPP-VM-osx-7.1.8-0-preview-2
I don't think its working because I installed it on my school computer/school account. I got permission and staff were able to allow me to download the program.
There are multiple WiFi connections and because my account is on a server already it does not work? Im not sure.
That is the most probable reason, and if anyone can confirm this, is there a way around it?
I am on a MAC OSX computer and I have entered the sysctl kern.hv_support command and the result was 1. I have tried looking around for a fix and the only thing I found was a previous article made linked here
I compared the fix version with the version I have and they are the same, so I do have the 'fixed' version.
If you need any more information just ask.
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