XAMPP won't start MySQL after upgrading to 7.0.22-1

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XAMPP won't start MySQL after upgrading to 7.0.22-1

Postby msaz87 » 14. September 2017 01:13

I'm running a Mac (Sierra 10.12.6) with XAMPP and upgraded from 5-something to 7.0.22-1. Ever since then, I've had trouble running MySQL. I've done a full uninstall and then reinstall, and it will work, but once I've restarted my computer, it stops working again.

2017-09-12 9:16:16 140736413361088 [ERROR] InnoDB: Attempted to open a previously opened tablespace. Previous tablespace mysql/gtid_slave_pos uses space ID: 3 at filepath: ./mysql/gtid_slave_pos.ibd. Cannot open tablespace mysql/slave_relay_log_info which uses space ID: 3 at filepath: ./mysql/slave_relay_log_info.ibd

Here's my full log on pastebin: https://pastebin.com/R4UxcscW

If I edit my.cnf and add innodb_force_recovery = 1, start MySQL, stop it, remove what I added, then start it again, it works. But, it doesn't seem to last forever as when I tried again in the morning I got the same problem again.

Any ideas?
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