Permissions Error

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Permissions Error

Postby mildlycustard » 06. August 2017 01:26

Hi everyone,

I'm having a permissions error for almost every folder except htdocs. I'm using macOS High Sierra and the latest version of XAMPP.

I want to get Python running, but don't know whether or not XAMPP is the best method.

For fixing the error I've tried mounting the drive, getting info on a folder, like cgi-bin, clicking the lock and giving myself or everyone read/write but Finder gives me a modal display "The operation can’t be completed because you don’t have the necessary permission."

This occurs when I change any folder to any permission, and also happens trying to change the volume itself.

I could not fix it using sudo chmod 777 on folders, either.
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Re: Permissions Error

Postby 4C's Media » 10. October 2017 13:56

I had the same issue and here is the solution I found:
First make sure all your services are running, enable the network and mount the volume.
Next, go to your mounted volume in Finder and right-click the folder you want to change permissions of and select "Get Info".
Now, on the right hand bottom side of the Info screen that ops up, you'll see a small lock symbol.
Click that symbol and the login pop up opens, asking you for your admin password.

Now you can change the permissions for the folder in the Sharing & permissions part of the Info screen.

Hope that helps you :)

Kind regards,
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