Unable to start xampp on Mac OS Sierra?

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Unable to start xampp on Mac OS Sierra?

Postby deepak.201525 » 11. July 2017 15:22

I have installed xampp on my mac os sierra.Now when i try start the server it shows me some error.It does not start.I have tried restarting & reinstalling the server but still i am facing the issue.
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 failed to start machine: hyperkit: [ERROR] Found a reference to cluster 19715 outside the file (max cluster 19711) from cluster 4.2165
    hyperkit: [ERROR] Mirage block device raised exception: Qcow.Make(Base)(Time).Reference_outside_file(_, _)
    Mirage-block error: Block device is disconnected
    Could not open mirage-block device: Invalid argument

Could not open backing file: Invalid argument
I am not able to find any solution. Please suggest what should i do ?
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Re: Unable to start xampp on Mac OS Sierra?

Postby Beltran » 11. July 2017 17:17


We released a new version today (7.1.7) and we did some improvements in the hyperkit of XAMPP-VM. Could you remove the ~/.bitnami folder to remove the existing VM and download the new version? Post here if this new version works for you, thanks.
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