Need clean Install

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Need clean Install

Postby Sheikh » 04. April 2017 14:00


I have been using XAMPP for a while and it suddenly got corrupted for some reason (Apache web server & MySQL Database is not running anymore). I need to fully uninstall it and install it again(latest version of XAMPP possibly).

Is there any way ? All I need is my XAMPP work fine without any trouble or without so much configuration.


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Re: Need clean Install

Postby moonwalker_repeat » 01. June 2017 07:13

FIRST, if you have any web sites you want to save, make sure you back them up along with their databases.

Next, make sure your trash is empty. This just helps you know if the next steps did the job.

Look for an app called "App Cleaner." Install it.

Make sure none of your servers are running and quit the Xampp Manager app.

Drag and drop the XAMPP main folder into App Cleaner and click Delete.

Next, check your trash. If there is anything left in it, press the Option key and right click trash. Choose "Secure Empty Trash."

You should be all set to clean install Xampp again.
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