Xampp Control Panel Source Files and .DMG Install template

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Xampp Control Panel Source Files and .DMG Install template

Postby zr11 » 08. January 2017 11:31

Hey Guys. I have a php application I created that I would like to distribute with xampp v 7.0.13 to be installed when a user installs my .DMG file I would also like to customize the xampp control panel a bit. This seems pretty straight forward with Windows because the Delphi source files for the control panel, and the nsi installer template are included in the src folder that is created when you install xampp on your PC. For Mac however I can not find the source code files for the control panel. Also is there a script template fro created the DMG from the source files? I am not super familiar with Mac yet, just getting started so any help would be super appreciated! :D
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