Installing Moodle on XAMPP (MAC)

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Installing Moodle on XAMPP (MAC)

Postby newnoo2 » 08. November 2016 22:23

Hi there,

I am trying to install the Moodle module using the install packages on this page -

When I run the installer I get prompted to enter my admin password and then the installer restarts - all seems to be going fine.

When I get to the 'choose folder' page I select my /applications/xamp folder as directed in these instructions and make sure I have the mySQL module running.

Then when I click 'next' nothing happens, the next button is greyed out but the installation process doesn't appear to begin.[size=150][/size]

Does anybody know what I am doing wrong or how to fix this if it is a bug? I have tried both the 2.9.8-1 and 3.1.2-2 installers and it happens the same with both.

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Re: Installing Moodle on XAMPP (MAC)

Postby lamyrus » 08. December 2016 23:36

Same here, that is almost.
Tried to install the bitmani OwnCloud module.
It locked up, after a forced quit (With the command-option-escape) and a restart for both the Application Manager and the module it came past the 'select folder' and installed just fine.
So no real solution, just anoying.

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