Database Corrupted after Upgrade XAMPP 7.0

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Database Corrupted after Upgrade XAMPP 7.0

Postby andyyao1 » 10. January 2016 08:14

Hi, All,

Kindly help me in this urgent case.

I run XAMPP 1.7(with MySQL 5.4 + PHP 5.4) in my Mac before I decide to install the latest XAMPP 7 . (PHP 7 + Mariadb)

After I successfully install the XAMPP 7. I am no longer able to query the existing database (INNODB). However, I can see all the databases entities and tables inside.
I have been researched for a couple of days, but no luck.

Did anyone of you experience the similar error? May I know how to fix it?

Appreciate a lot!
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Re: Database Corrupted after Upgrade XAMPP 7.0

Postby Nobbie » 10. January 2016 13:17

Did you backup your MySQL data?

Or did you simply install Xampp over the existing data? If you did so, you destroyed the MySQL data.

You may be lucky, as older Xampp versions did not use INNODB, but MyISAM instead. Try to switch to MyISAM in that case (google for "default_engine" and MyISAM), but do a backup first!
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