Corrupt database on phpMyAdmin

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Corrupt database on phpMyAdmin

Postby mortizvet95 » 20. November 2015 16:29


I am very new to phpMyAdmin and XAMPP.

I'm having an issue on the whole phpMyAdmin page. If I create a database, it gives me this error:

#1932 - Table 'phpmyadmin.pma__tracking' doesn't exist in engine

Running a simple script: SHOW TABLES; - Gives me this:

#1046 - No database selected

Pretty much nothing works and can't access nothing on the database.

What can be the issue and how can I fix this?
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Re: Corrupt database on phpMyAdmin

Postby Nobbie » 20. November 2015 20:00

I entered the error message into Google (always a very good idea!) and it came up with this solution: ... -in-engine
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