Export xampp installation from Win to OS X

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Export xampp installation from Win to OS X

Postby nykren » 21. January 2015 00:15

Hi there Apache Friends,

I''ve been running an xampp installation on a Windows machine for a few weeks while working on a Wordpress site. As I'm redoing my home office I'm getting rid of my PC and will circle everything around Mac's. I've googled and read a few guidelines on how to export/transfer my xampp installation with DB and everything from the Windows computer to my OS X machine but I can't get it to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and my guess is that what I'm asking for is the equivalent of "well, just export everything!" to an experienced user. Hopefully no hassle :)

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Re: Export xampp installation from Win to OS X

Postby Nobbie » 21. January 2015 17:22

nykren wrote:Hopefully no hassle :)

"Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt!" - as we say in Germany. It IS a hassle.
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