Cannot Start Apache Web Server

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Cannot Start Apache Web Server

Postby Panshiners » 09. November 2014 22:16

I cannot start the Apache Web Server in the version (1.8.3-5) of XAMPP that I am trying to run. The download appears to have been successful but I cannot get further than the "Welcome to XAMPP" window. The mange servers tab indicates that the MySQL Database is running and the ProFTPD is running but that the apache Web Server is Stopped. When I try to start it it goes yellow for a few seconds and then red (Stopped) again. I've tried looking on forums etc but I really can't understand the explanations that are being proposed for this sort of problem as I am a novice - I simply want to develop a Wordpress site offline and then upload it. Is there a simple way of getting the server running? What am I likely to be missing? If you respond then please make it step-by-step and very simple! (We all have to start somewhere!). Thanks in advance.
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