Upgraded to 1.8.3-5 - some databases, can't access tables

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Upgraded to 1.8.3-5 - some databases, can't access tables

Postby Seus » 02. November 2014 14:57

So I recently upgraded to XAMPP 1.8.3-5 on Yosemite. Everything was working fine with 1.8.3-4, but just keeping things up to date.

90% of the Databases and tables on my system are working fine. It's like all of the ones added after 1.8.3-4 installation, and using this fix: https://community.apachefriends.org/f/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=69200

more specifically, this fix got 1.8.3-4 working on my Yosemite DP5 installation:

In MySQL Workbench, it shows the Databases and their applicable Tables if I "show" the tables in the left side bar (click the right pointing arrow next to Tables under a database to view all of its tables), however I can't perform any operations on them, ie Select, Insert, etc.

If I try and use the Schema Inspector in MySQL Workbench and select the Tables tab, it shows a table count of 0 and lists no tables.

Like I said, it seems to only be Databases that were added in 1.8.3-4 only...

I've tried setting permissions to 777 on the database folder and the files in it under /xamppfiles/var/etc/..., but no luck.

Any thoughts?

Edit: I should note, all of these tables I have issues with are InnoDB
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Re: Upgraded to 1.8.3-5 - some databases, can't access table

Postby joostplas » 03. November 2014 10:54

Sounds similar to a issue I had previously when the file /etc/my.cnf had 777 rights.
If this is the case the file is ignored on mysql startup and caused InnoDB issues on my end.

(Check /var/mysql error logs)
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