Help needed !!!!

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Help needed !!!!

Postby georgie4444 » 11. October 2014 00:18

Hi guys

Well to be honest I really don't know much about xampp or apachie

What happened was I bought a script from a guy and he didn't help me set it up and told me to research it and set it up myself

I need help setting this up I added the script to htdocs folder and it opened up when i typed localhost/(name of folder i put the script in) but its not working properly because the guy I bought it off said php_imap isn't enabled and I need to enable it

What I need help with is enabling or adding php_imap so it starts working properly

If this sounds a bit messed up it most likely is messed up because I really don't know how to use this properly.

Any help would be really appreciated

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Re: Help needed !!!!

Postby Nobbie » 11. October 2014 10:55

georgie4444 wrote:What I need help with is enabling or adding php_imap so it starts working properly

Open php.ini in an editor (php.ini is located in the PHP folder) and make a search to "php_imap". You *should* find an appropriate entry in the extensions section. Activate the php_imap line by "un-un-commenting" it, that means, simply delete the very first character in that line (which should be a semicolon). Save php.ini and finally restart Apache.

But: I slightly wonder, if "imap" is not already activated in the PHP module itself, i have no OSX Xampp running, but a Linux Xampp and there "imap" is already up and running. You should run a phpinfo and look for "imap", if you find a section titled "imap", you dont need to change anything - but then you have to find out, what is going, as it is NOT a missing imap.
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